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Erica Bonner
Boyle Paper
Fri Mar 20, 2015 1:59pm

Writing the Boyle paper required me to actually understand the stories and the meaning of Literary Analysis. I learned while writing the Boyle paper, you have to speak facts and also support the facts. While on the other hand for the narrative paper I only needed to provide personal memories from the certain event. It seems that I was able to enjoy writing the Boyle paper more, because I knew what was expected and I could prove/provide evidence from the stories. I would have to say it was easier writing the compare and contrast paper because I wasnít hesitant gathering the information and it was find also understand. Even though I really do like and enjoy writing narrative papers, it can be a little challenging making sure your information is right for each section of the story and also itís flowing correctly. I feel that I had a good strengths and hardly any weaknesses. One thing I feel I did a good job on was getting Boyles point across on how he felt about each of the characters. As we know Boyle doesnít just come out and tell us what he thinks about the characters. He expands his description of each character by providing different events and personalities. By him doing this, he has his audience being able to draw and make conclusions by the end of each story. Also by the two stories I picked, it helped that they were both interesting because it made it a whole lot easier to prove and provide all of the facts. Now for the weaknesses, I really canít pin point to where I may have experienced. Overall I am very pleased on how my paper turned out. Compared to all other papers Iíve written in the past, I feel more comfortable because you actually explained what was expected out of all of our papers. By this it makes it easier to write anything. So by you explaining the steps to completing a literary analysis, I was able to finish the paper with no problem of confusion. And with that Iím able to complete any paper with a smooth sailing.
Word Count: 360

  • 3/20 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Mar 19 4:35pm
    How did writing your Boyle paper differ from writing your personal narrative? Which one did you find easier to write? What do you feel were the strengths of your Boyle paper? Weaknesses?
    • 3/20 Discussion - Hank Foster, Fri Mar 20 6:41pm
      When writing my Boyle paper, I felt that it was easier to write as opposed to the personal narrative paper. Personally, I find it easier to write when I have something to read, analyze and reflect... more
    • 3/20 Discussion - Bailey Johnson, Fri Mar 20 4:01pm
      My personal narrative paper was pulled directly from my memory. Therefore, it was a bit easier writing about myself and expressing my own thoughts and emotions. With the Boyle paper, I was... more
    • Narrative paper/ Boyle paper - Araselie Chavez , Fri Mar 20 3:56pm
      The Boyle paper and my personal narrative differentiated in many ways. It was much more effortless to write the Boyle paper. When I was writing my narrative, it was hard to come up with so many... more
    • 3/20 Discussion - estepj14, Fri Mar 20 3:39pm
      While it wasn't hard to pick a topic for my personal narrative, it was harder for me to write than the T.C. Boyle paper. For the Boyle paper, I had a set requirement about what I was supposed to do,... more
    • 3/20 discussion - Destiny Jackson, Fri Mar 20 3:10pm
      Writing the Boyle paper was so much easier than writing my personal narrative. I find my life to be boring so it was kind of hard to write it. The Boyle paper was easier because I actually knew what... more
    • Boyle Paper - Erica Bonner, Fri Mar 20 1:59pm
    • Boyle/Personal Narrative - Brenleigh Gaines, Fri Mar 20 1:26pm
      Writing the Boyle paper was completely different from writing the personal narrative. While writing the personal narrative you're just writing everything off the top of your head since its your... more
    • 3/20 Discussion - Linda Hargis-Rodriguez, Fri Mar 20 1:02pm
      There was a big difference when it came to writing the Boyle paper from writing my narrative paper. Writing my narrative was easy because I was writing a paper based on the events that happened in my ... more
    • 3/20 Discussion - Ethan Diffenbaugh, Fri Mar 20 12:16pm
      The difference between writing the Boyle paper and the personal narrative was that the narrative was just explaining who I am and how I got to be that way to someone who didnít know before while for... more
    • Boyle Reflection - Marra Ramminger, Fri Mar 20 11:06am
      There were many differences between the Boyle paper and the personal narrative but the biggest difference in my personal opinion was the intended purpose of the papers. The personal narrative was a... more
    • Discussion 3/20 - Gabrielle LoCicero, Fri Mar 20 11:01am
      The Boyle paper was very different then writing the personal narrative paper. For the Boyle paper, it took a longer process of figuring out which two stories to compare and contrast. Then deciding on ... more
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