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Ben Masius
Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:05pm

Writing the Boyle paper had many different aspects than the personal narrative. The Boyle paper was more difficult and took longer as well as having to think more having to connect the points back to the story. The personal narrative was easier to write and seemed to flow better. I personally enjoyed writing the personal narrative more compared to the Boyle paper. The personal narrative was just telling a story that I knew so well because it was such a big part of my life. Compared to the Boyle paper you had to plan out and analyze the stories to find the theme that Boyle was trying to make when writing the stories. I thought the strengths of my Boyle paper were the theme and how I tied it to each of the stories I chose as well as how I did my analysis with stating something then comparing it to the book. It was a very simple thing to do and I feel like I was over thinking it for most of the time. However after I thought about it I realized the format of the writing the Boyle story was way more simple than I thought it was. My weakness of my paper has to be the introduction and conclusion. I never know how to start a paper the correct way without giving away too much. I do not want to give the whole paper away so I normally end up not giving enough; which in general hurts my paper as a whole. Same goes with my conclusion I am always unsure of the proper way of wrapping up my story and tend to not put enough detail same as my conclusion. An addition to both of these in my last paper I had low cohesion and I probably did not do a very good job of fixing that problem in this paper. I attempted to fix this problem using the thesaurus and find synonyms for basic over used words. However I didnít think I got all of the words and I still have basic sentence structure throughout the story.
Word count 352

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