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Ben Masius
Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:53am

The topic I picked for the research paper is gun control; enforcing the second amendment and the current laws that are in place. The counter argument to this is that a group of people believe that we should have stricter gun control laws. Or even take away guns in general. I picked the side against making stricter laws and continue to enforce the laws that we have in place. I picked this side because I was born and grew up in Concord, North Carolina and guns where always around. Also growing up to be a republican I am a supporter of the second amendment and the fact it shouldn’t be taken away. When I was a kid it seemed that everyone had someone in their immediate family owned a gun. The two most common reasons people would say that they had a gun was either to hunt or for self-defense if something was ever to happen they would be prepared. People associate guns with killing a violent crimes and yes they do take part in them however there is someone behind the gun pulling the trigger, guns do not kill people, people kill people. I saw a protester with a sign that read “If guns kill people then forks make people fat” I thought that this quote was a great analogy. However some families have the tradition of going out and hunting for their thanksgiving or Christmas meals. They use there gun to put food on the table for their family. As talking to some of the friends I made here I found out that some of them carry a weapon on them. I was also informed that one’s dad keeps a shotgun behind every door in his house ready anything to happen. I have found a book in the library about the second amendment in history and it has been very resourceful. In this book there is a chapter all about the individual right to bear arms. News articles have also been helpful because this battle tends to be against political parties. There has also been research done about what people believe the laws should be and polls out of this information.
Word count 363

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