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Bailey Johnson
4/10 Discussion
Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:52pm

My final topic for the argument paper is the discussion about whether or not comprehensive sex education should be taught in high schools. Comprehensive sex education is the teaching of abstinence being the best method to avoid STDs and unintended pregnancies, but also the teaching of how to properly use condoms and contraception. It gives students all the information they need about sex in order to form an informed decision about engaging in sexual intercourse.

The two sides to the argument are that comprehensive sex education helps with keeping the teen pregnancy and teen birth rates low. The opposing side is that comprehensive sex education is too expensive to fund. I chose to be in favor of this argument. I chose this side because the states that have the abstinence-only program are the states where most teen pregnancies and teen births occur. The teenagers are not being given all the information they need when making the decision about whether or not to engage in sexual intercourse. Teachers are forced to give students the “withhold from sex before marriage” speech and give them all these scary statistics. However, the students are more willing to engage in the act because they believe it will not happen to them. With comprehensive sex education, students are given the abstinence speech, but they are also given information in case they do decide to have sex. Therefore, they know they correct ways to put on a condom and all the forms of contraception. They are informed and are not experimenting because of not having all the information.

As far as sources, I have found two research studies. One of the studies compares the different sex education programs and its effectiveness. There are four levels of sex education programs: abstinence only, abstinence with the discussion of contraception, comprehensive sex, and sex education where abstinence is not specifically mentioned. States where comprehensive sex is taught have the lowest teen pregnancy rates. The other study talks about how STD education impacts teenage sexual behavior. In the study, it shows that students with the most information tend to make the smarter decisions when it comes to sex. I have also found three books about teenage pregnancy rates and how it correlates with sex education programs.

Word Count: 376

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