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Araselie Chavez
4/10 discussion
Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:28pm

I have come up with the conclusion that the topic I am going to choose is the one that deals with nutritional guidelines for school lunches. I want to argue about if the new nutritional guidelines for school lunches are effective. The supporters will argue that school lunches should include a range of healthy options. They will say that limiting sugar, fat, salts, and refined grains is healthier than offering students foods containing an excess of those ingredients. The supporters believe that mandating healthier menus for school lunch programs will help fight the U.S. obesity epidemic, which has affected far too many children. In addition they will argue that serving more fresh foods would also benefit the local economy, because more fresh food would be purchased from small, local farms. The opponents, which is the side I am taking, will argue that the government’s nutrition recommendations have been influenced by lobbyists. Some nutrition advice in the guidelines is erroneous and some is impossible to follow. I will say that the government should not interfere with parents’ dietary choices for their children. Also I will explain how spending more to fund school lunches would be reckless use of taxpayers’ money. If students do not like the new, healthier menus and thus refuse to buy the meals, their school will receive less funding for school lunches. The government’s dietary recommendations are not even enforceable and may not be followed by school food authorities. I have found two sources that are very useful. I am glad that I chose the opponents side because it will be much easier to argue about how the new school lunches are no good. The children have to eat and if they do not eat how will they perform at a hundred percent at school? Regardless of how healthy the food is, the nutritional guidelines should fit something that kids enjoy to eat. I have seen so many cases where kids do not eat the new, healthier food. I remember when I was in elementary school. All the food was so good and when I started getting older, all of the food was either wheat, or it lacked seasoning. I have a good feeling about this argument paper.

Word count:370

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