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Kim Conway
4/10 Discussion
Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:37pm

My final topic for the argument paper is prisoners being kept in solitary confinement. The two sides for this is whether or not it should continue to be used as a punishment for a number of different reasons such as does it or doesnít it violate the eighth amendmentís protection against cruel and unusual punishment, is it torture, whether or not it is more effective than rehabilitation and a few more. I didnít really have much of an opinion about this topic going into my research which I thought was helpful because it really helped me research both sides effectively and gather unbiased information, ultimately I am arguing that solitary confinement should still be used but only in extreme cases and with much stricter guidelines and regulations because it is definitely abused and used improperly too often. I decided to argue that it should still be able to be used just with guidelines instead of saying that it should be completely removed because I really think both sides of this issue have valid points and in some cases this could be necessary, but only very rarely because it does have the potential to be extremely detrimental psychologically to people subjected to it. I surprisingly found that there was a lot of research and different sources done on this. I mainly found sources written by researchers who have gone into prisons and studied the prisoners to be most helpful because they were first hand visual accounts of what was going on. Along with this I was often given both sides and different point of views, the view of the researcher, the prison guards, and a lot of times the inmates in solitary confinement who were allowed to be interviewed and examined. I also liked these sources because they had a lot of statistical facts and examples rather than just theories and opinions. I actually found way too much research, I was able to write seven pages basically on one point, so Iím leaving out a lot of really cool stuff just because itís so much. Iím happy I went with this topic because itís been really interesting to read and learn about
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