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Marra Ramminger
Argument Paper
Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:02am

After writing my argument paper I had many concerns. I felt that I had to rush to get it done because I couldnít come up with a topic in time, and then I struggled to pick a side of my topic. Once I did that I struggled with research. I did the best I could in the time I had but I donít think that my paper was very well done. I tried to get off work the Sunday before it was due so that I could work a little more and fine tune it but my boss wouldnít allow me the time off. I am very uncomfortable with research papers and I think that showed in my paper.
I made good points and that I supported them with statistics but I donít think my writing flowed as well as it should have. I think my biggest weakness was that I didnít decide on a topic soon enough so I cut myself very short on time, which is entirely my fault, I just needed more guidance on what to write I guess. My grade depends on this paper and I knew that going into it. I, unfortunately, underestimated the amount of difficulty I would have actually writing the paper. I feel like I am praying for a miracle with this one.
My process for writing the paper was essentially a guess and check method when it came to topics. I tried a few but couldnít quite find the research I thought I would need to support my thesis. So in the end I picked gun control because it had an ample amount of research and because I felt pulled in a certain direction when it came to choosing sides. Once I started writing I came up with a few good points and attempted to find research supporting those points. The research was probably the hardest part for me because I am not practiced in that part of the writing process yet. I wrote my intro and tried not to make unsupported claims, I supported all the claims I made, I cited my sources in text and in my works cited page. The only part of the process I didnít get to do was the proofreading. Which is most important.
word count: 379

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    • Argument Paper - Marra Ramminger, Fri Apr 17 11:02am
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