Linda Hargis-Rodriguez
11th discussion
Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:14am

When I saw the link to YouTube, I expected to watch an educational video about English. Instead I was glad to see a 54 second video that was supposed to be funny. Since this is the eleventh discussion board, I thought the video went well with it. You told us not to brown nose so I will be honest about how I felt about this class. I truly hated it. I enjoyed going to the class because it funny at times. I also enjoyed reading the Boyle Stories. I was hoping we would not read a boring story from the middle ages. I mainly hated the papers we had to right. I know there is no one to blame but myself for not going to get my paper checked but goodness! The way you graded was insane. Every little detail counted when you checked my essay which was incredibly annoying. I know I should probably take your criticism and learn from it.
This class was extremely different from my other classes in many ways. There was less work in this class but the work required more effort and time. My high school teachers did not grade as hard either. As long as I attended class, I received an ďAĒ but this class was a whole different story. Maybe I should have just dropped this class or maybe I made the right decision by sticking with it. Either way I have to deal with the decision I made and the grade I receive.
If there is anything that I benefited most from this class, it is that I learned that I should seek out help from my teachers. Help was always offered but I was clearly lazy. Now that it is the end of semester, I have realized my mistake. There really is not much I can do about it now. Even though class is about to be done, I can always get the last paper checked and walk out the class with a decent grade. I probably benefited least from these discussion boards. I never really saw the point in them. To be perfectly honest and I am sure you could tell, I just threw some paragraphs together and hoped for the best. These discussion boards did not teach me anything if they were meant for that. If it was just for an easy grade then I could understand that. I am relieved knowing that this was the last discussion board!

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  • 4/24 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Apr 23 9:59am
    This is the 11th discussion. In order to fully appreciate the magnitude, go to the following link: Be honest, there is no expectation of brown-nosing.... more
    • Re: 4/24 Discussion - Colton Oliver, Fri Apr 24 5:02pm
      To be honest to flattery intended, this has been the most enjoyable english class I've ever had. past classes have been strict and to the books no matter the conditions. Professor Bates has been the... more
    • Re: 4/24 Discussion - Devin Slingerland, Fri Apr 24 5:00pm
      This was one of the more enjoyable English classes that Iíve had throughout my schooling. I really enjoyed how this class actually focused on writing (surprising right?) more than reading a pointless ... more
    • 4/24 - Brenleigh, Fri Apr 24 4:40pm
      All in all I really enjoyed this class as a whole. I really liked how the focus was on our writing rather than pointless other assignments and how we stayed on one author the entire class. This class ... more
    • 4/24 - Natalie Del Gallo, Fri Apr 24 4:23pm
      English 1100 has been interesting this year. The class was a pretty typical English course. The thing that made the course different then all the others was you. You were hard on grading but it was... more
    • Discussion 11 - Molly Plount, Fri Apr 24 4:16pm
      I had a pretty positive experience in this class. The attendance policy really motivated me to attend class. I have struggled with that this year but knowing how much it affected my grade really... more
    • Last discussion :( - Marra Ramminger, Fri Apr 24 4:09pm
      This class was one of my favorite English classes that I have taken so far. I am not a huge fan of writing but the assignments that we had in this class allowed me to learn more about myself and my... more
    • 4/24 Discussion - Erica Bonner, Fri Apr 24 3:18pm
      I really enjoyed taking this class this semester. I learned a whole lot about writing and even how to better my writing in the future. In my past English classed they were different, because they... more
    • 4/24 Discussion - Araselie Chavez , Fri Apr 24 3:08pm
      I really enjoyed having your class this semester. English has never been my favorite subject, but this semester it was my favorite class. I really enjoyed the environment. Everyone had great... more
    • "These go to 11." - Tamar Turner, Fri Apr 24 3:05pm
      My experience in this class is just further supported by that video; you just never know what to expect. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed this course is because of that mysterious element. Just... more
    • 4/24 Discussion - Bailey Johnson, Fri Apr 24 1:50pm
      I actually enjoyed this class. I used to like English in high school up until my junior year. I was indifferent to it my first semester when I took Appreciating Literature. Now Iím getting back... more
    • 4/24 discussion - Destiny Jackson, Fri Apr 24 1:23pm
      This class was very interesting. I have never had a teacher give a ten minute free write before. I am still not really sure what the purpose is but whatever the teacher says sometimes has meaning... more
    • 4/24 Discussion - Henry Foster, Fri Apr 24 1:16pm
      I was not expecting that video when opening the link. I thought this would be a discussion board about some long educational video but that actually made it easier to write this one. When I first got ... more
    • 11th discussion - Linda Hargis-Rodriguez, Fri Apr 24 11:14am
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