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Bailey Johnson
Quote Discussion
Fri Feb 6, 2015 4:43pm

The quote I chose to discuss is, “That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” I chose this quote because this quote is something I was constantly reminded of throughout my life. Before I moved to North Carolina in 2008, I lived in Detroit, Michigan. I was involved in at least three fights that I can remember. I lost each of them, which embarrassed me greatly. The kids living in my neighborhood always picked me on because I fit into the norm. I was a smart kid, had both of my parents living with me, and had parents who cared about what I did. The other kids, however, did not have parents like me. Their parents let them roam the neighborhood all day and did not care what they were involved in. My parents wanted me in the house before the streetlights came on. I was not allowed to leave the dinner table until I finished my homework. I was punished for bad grades and disobedience. Because I was always picked on, I did not have many friends, which resulted in, not going outside a lot. I was scared someone would purposely pick a fight with me just so they could add another win to their belt. In school, I always wore glasses. I was the typical smart kid with glasses. As I got to fifth grade and on, it was like a cycle. Because I did not conform to how my peers acted, I ended up being bullied. The quote by Friedrich Nietszche was something I lived by. If I chose to let what was said about me to keep me down, I would not be who I am today. I recently went back home and visited my old neighborhood. Almost all of those kids are still living there and doing nothing with their lives, which was no surprise to me.

I chose this quote also because when I moved to North Carolina I was a bit depressed. I liked the school I went to, I was leaving behind the few friends I had made, and leaving behind a track team and coaches I absolutely loved. On my first day of school, it was pretty much a repeat of what Detroit was like. I kept to myself, I got grades, I made a few friends, I still gravitated towards adult, and I was still picked on. I had already felt like I did not have much of a say in our move, so having a repeat of where we moved from was not helping my case. We moved to North Carolina to build a new life, not reincarnate the old life. When we first moved here, I was lonely for a long time and was sad. I went from seeing my family all the time to seeing them during the summer, sometimes every other year. The transition was difficult. After a while, I made myself realize that the move is what I make of it. I made some friends and I realized that it was safer to go all around my neighborhood. I am still the same person, but I do not let what people think of me get the best of me. I have grown thick skin over the years. Now, I take anything anyone has said about me and use it as motivation. It was probably the best thing I could have done.

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