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Erica Bonner
Narrative Paper
Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:58pm

Writing this paper, I feel that the reader will get a better view on why I am the way I am. I feel that writing about the event, was a way of healing for me since it played a huge part in my life. Since it had a big impact on my life, I believe sharing this story will help me become a much better and stronger writer. I feel there was a good amount of strengths in my paper. I was able to go into great details about certain things that happened. With those details I was able to come and support them. I donít think thereís no such thing as giving to much details. Thatís what a narrative paper is all about. Youíre writing about an event that impacted your life, which means you must include great details for the paper to be interesting and grasping to your reader. Even though Iím pretty confident about my paper, I still feel a little anxious about if the reader will interested in it. I wonder if they will be actually feel on how I felt in this situation. That was my major goal for writing the paper, which they will actually enjoy it and feel involved in it. I want my reader to grasp the details and actually feel like they were there to experience the event just like I was. The only way I could really write this paper, was remembering how it all happened in the exact order. Once I start writing it in order, then the words started to come out normal. Going back to think about what happened, it allowed me to put all my emotions into it and make it all happen on paper. Thatís how all writing should be. Putting your emotions it will allow the event to come out smoothly just as if it was happening like it did in the past when it first happened. Now after putting down the facts, I decided to write on how it actually impacted me. Talking about how it has changed my perspective on everything I see and notice from the sidelines. I know itís important to share what you have learned from the event and what you take from the event to help you improve in life.
Word Count: 385

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