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Colton Oliver
Discussion 4
Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:11pm

So far I like the short stories out of the TC Boyle book, except for maybe one. I have always been a very big fan of short stories, mainly because my attention span does not let me stay focused throughout a full novel. Not very discipline, maybe, but it allows me to enjoy the short stories even more. I liked the big game story very much, I am very proud of my native American blood and have grown up with a respect for nature and the creatures that god has put on this earth for us. I am a respectful hunter and have never shot an animal or fish without the intentions of using its remains for a purpose. The idea of simply shooting an animal for sport sickens me, if you donít have the desire to consume or need to provide for your family by killing an animal you are not fit for killing any animal. So when justice was served in the end I was personally happy. Not only was the killing unethical but so was the production of these animals. These animals are not wild they were zoo animals who were bought to be shot, not fair game at all.
As for the love story I thought it was absolutely terrible, it sucked. I hate love stories to began with simply because I think love stories make for really crappy stories, movies, etc. I personally was overwhelmed by the descriptiveness of a few of the stories, I like straight to the point stories that tell me whatís happening and what has happened. The story On for the Long Haul was an example of this, the amount of description in the story drove me nuts and to be honest I couldnít even finish it, it sucked that bad. Otherwise some parts I liked some were alright, I did think some of them were kind of funny, like the full body condom cracked me up, but otherwise they were pretty decent. For the most part I have never been in a class that reads short stories, usually we read long boring novels that had some relation to a global understanding. Me personally I enjoy this style of literature much more.


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