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Response to Karley
Sat Jun 6, 2015 10:40

I was noticing the same thing. I think that it may be because males are typically diagnosed with ASD but I could be wrong. Some things that I have noticed working with male and female students with ASD is that the male students tend to have more energy and problems sitting for periods of time. This could just be the particular students I have worked with but those are some characteristics I have seen.

  • What about gender? - Karley Ingold, Sat Jun 6 10:22
    I noticed in the study that I read and also in some of the videos that the studies leaned more towards male participants with one study being all male. This led me to have a few questions related to... more
    • reply to: What about gender? - Hunter Hastings, Sat Jun 6 21:58
      Being a special education major, we have discussed this a lot in my classes. Males are diagnosed more often that females. I think that we are not only diagnosing more children as a whole with ASD,... more
    • RE: What about gender - Stacy Huffman, Sat Jun 6 15:51
      Karley, you asked the question about male rates of autism. Interestingly I just did a research paper and used some of the research data presented by the CDC. According to the CDC: Boys were almost 5... more
    • Re: Karley - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat Jun 6 13:39
      You bring up some great questions! I have always wondered about these also because I have only known boys who had ASD. I hope more of these questions will be answered later on in the course.
    • Gender Differences - Sonya Summey, Sat Jun 6 12:05
      I have asked many of the same questions before. I have worked with probably around 7 or 8 boys who have autism, but I do not think that I have worked with any girls at all. I wonder if girls are... more
    • What great questions! - Allison Powers, Sat Jun 6 10:56
      Those are all such great questions. I thought about that too. I realized that I have worked with at least six children with autism in the last few years and all of them have been boys. It seems so... more
    • Response to Karley - brownrf, Sat Jun 6 10:40
    • Reply: Gender - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 6 10:39
      I've noticed this about the tendency of more males to be included in studies than females as well - in ASD studies and in studies of other learning disorders also. I agree with you that it might have ... more
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