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Kelsie Fender
RE: Karly- Literacy and Technology
Sat Jun 6, 2015 13:55

I like that you think of using technology as a gateway for students with ASD. I agree that it would be a good way to capture the attention of young readers! Do you feel as though it would be fairly easy to ween these students off this technology as they become more engaged with reading or do you feel that it would be hard since they are so comfortable with the way they began to learn?

  • Re: Literacy and Technology - Karley Ingold, Sat Jun 6 10:45
    I think that at this point they are trying to engage the students with ASD in as many ways as possible to get them started on that road to literacy. Although using technology might not be the same as ... more
    • RE: Karly- Literacy and Technology - Kelsie Fender , Sat Jun 6 13:55
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