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Re: Introductions
Tue May 26, 2015 13:57

Rachel, it appears that although only a Junior here at ASU you have had an incredible amount of experiences working with children who have Autism. I have always been interested in how camps run for children who have Autism being what I know about how they react to transitions and things of that nature. I'm glad you've had that kind of experience! Also, I find it interesting that you got to work with students who have Autism, specifically during reading and writing instruction! I look forward to hearing more about those experiences!

  • Rachel Caldwell Introductions - Rachel Caldwell, Tue May 26 11:39
    My name is Rachel Caldwell and I am a junior Special Education major at App State and a part of the 4+1 graduate program. Through the education department, I have had the opportunity to intern in a... more
    • Hey Rachel! - Nicholas Flippen, Wed May 27 21:48
      Hey Rachel! Your experiences with students that have ASD are going to greatly benefit you as a future teacher! I agree with you completely that we should meet all students at their present level of... more
    • Re: Introductions - Chelsea King, Tue May 26 13:57
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