Re: Introduction
Tue May 26, 2015 14:07

Brooke, first let me begin with saying that I grew up in Kings Mountain and graduated from Kings Mountain High School, so the area you have taught is very close to my heart. It's interesting that you speak of the library time as a very memorable time for you, because taking experiences from my student teaching placement which was in a classroom for children with Autism, the library special was something that we at times dreaded. The librarians didn't seem to understand how to work with our children, choose texts for them, and how to engage them. I would love to hear more about those experiences for for your children and how that come to be such a memorable experience for you and how you worked to make it a good experience for the children as well!

  • Brooke Hardin Introduction - leebo, Sun May 24 07:02
    I am one of the two instructors for this new course. I am a former classroom teacher and curriculum/literacy coordinator from Shelby, NC. I received my Masters in Reading from ASU in 2009 and am now... more
    • Re: Introduction - Chelsea King, Tue May 26 14:07
      • More about the library - Brooke Hardin, Wed May 27 23:20
        Chelsea, It's great to meet a Cleveland Co. native! I think the experience you and your students had with librarians is common. However, I saw the book selection process as an opportunity to form a... more
    • Tell Use More about Book Selection - koppenhaverd, Sun May 24 12:33
      I'd love to hear more about the book selection process. What was different than typical students? How did you have to assist?
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