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Alexandria Spurrier
Re: Britt
Sat Jun 6, 2015 14:59

I definitely agree that their are pros and cons of using technology in the classroom. I know in the middle school that I was placed in last semester every child was given their own computer. At first I thought this was bad idea, but as time went on I saw that they used different programs for math and reading and every time they got an answer right, they were awarded time to play different games. I don't think anything will every beat pencil and paper, but seeing their progress throughout the year was incredible and it was also great because they could work at their own pace.

  • Oh, that is a good thought - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 6 14:37
    Those are some very good questions, some of which I have thought about myself. I think that technology plays a great role in our society and it can in our classrooms as well. But I think that it can... more
    • Re: Britt - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat Jun 6 14:59
      • Re: Britt - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 6 16:00
        My entire got a grant for laptops and such and so far it has been a negative thing (I could go on a rant about that, but that is for a rainy day). You're right that nothing will beat pencil and paper ... more
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