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Britt Hatcher
Good to Remember
Sat Jun 6, 2015 15:12

That is something that is great to remember! Each student is going to be motivated by something different. But here is a thought/question, what if the student really just has no motivation?

  • Motivation and Reading - McKenzi Davis, Wed Jun 3 14:53
    One thing that many of us have discussed in the threaded discussion is how important it is for students to be interested in the texts that they are reading. This is a form of internal motivation. For ... more
    • Good to Remember - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 6 15:12
    • reply motivation and reading - rognstadgr, Thu Jun 4 17:10
      I really liked what you said. Motivation is a very important aspect of education. If students are not motivated to try hard and work at school, it is going to be a long thirteen years. Finding a... more
    • Motivation and Reading Reply - parsonkl, Wed Jun 3 21:41
      I agree that this is very important to remember as a teacher. For me personally, just knowing that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to is motivation to me. I feel teachers will learn to... more
    • Motivation transition - luckadooso, Wed Jun 3 16:55
      I completely agree! Finding out what motivates a child is very helpful in motivating them to learn and grow. I think it is also important to try and transition away from external motivation. We... more
    • Re: Motivation and Reading - lavertyse, Wed Jun 3 14:59
      McKenzi, I really agree that we should not forget to motivate each child as they need to be. Not every child will be motivated by praise or by good grades. Some children might be motivated by doing... more
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