Nicholas Flippen
RE: The Educators Emergent Literacy Lesson Plan
Sat Jun 6, 2015 15:19

You guys have a fantastic lesson plan! It's both creative and very detailed. I really appreciated the time you took to add detail and describe several different students and the setting. The steps to your lesson plan were very well thought out and detailed as well. I could easily teach this lesson to a small group just by using this lesson plan. Also, this lesson plan is absolutely perfect for a resource room setting! I love the use of manipulative in order to create a sentence. This is much better than being handed a sheet of paper and a pencil! One thought I did have while reading this lesson plan; Could this be modified to use for a group of lower functioning students? Just a thought! As I stated earlier, your lesson plan is perfect for the setting you described! Well done guys!

  • The Educators Emergent Literacy Lesson Plan - Cynthia Trickel, Sat Jun 6 11:05
    Group Members: Liz Brawley, Nicole Cornacchio, Jean Milton and Cynthia Trickel. Here is a link to our lesson plan:
    • Reply: Lesson Plan - K. Madison Broome, Sun Jun 7 21:16
      I really enjoyed reading through all the details of your lesson plan! You guys really thought it out well, including several students and detailed dialogue of the actual lesson. I appreciated your... more
    • Reply-Lesson Plan - Rebecca McVey, Sat Jun 6 22:57
      I love so many aspects of your lesson plan. Every student is thoroughly described allowing a substitute to know exactly what to expect. I will say that some terminology may be hard to understand for... more
    • Feedback for The Educators - miloshcl, Sat Jun 6 16:13
      Wow! The first thing I notice about your lesson plan is it would be perfect to hand to a substitute teacher and the substitute would be able to follow step by step directions to implement the lesson... more
    • RE: The Educators Emergent Literacy Lesson Plan - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 6 15:19
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