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Nicholas Flippen
RE: It's About the Journey
Sat Jun 6, 2015 15:23

Much like Dr. Marlow, I took Dr. Van Loan for a class in Block 1 focusing on Classroom Management and Positive Behavioral Supports. Dr. Van Loan actually said the exact same thing to our class about it being about the journey, not just the destination. I think this is such an interesting way to look at things. It makes things a lot more positive as well. If we're constantly focused on how far away from our goal we are, it's very easy to become discouraged. Focusing more on the journey and the accomplishments that we have already made makes things seem a lot better.

  • It's About The Journey - carsleymm, Sat Jun 6 09:13
    When I took Advanced Topics in Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities last semester with Dr. Marlow, I remember discussing a particularly difficult student with him. He gave me advice that was... more
    • RE: It's About the Journey - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 6 15:23
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