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Tue May 26, 2015 14:20

Nicholas, your situation on a professional level seem to match with that of mine. I recently graduated with a degree in Special Education focusing in the Adapted Curriculum and I am currently working on my 4+1 for Reading Education with a Certificate in Autism. That being said, my student teaching placement was in a classroom for children with Autism. I find the CAP worker program an awesome thing and I'm so glad you've had that experience. I feel that gives you an upper hand, because although it is ideal that we work on functional skills in our classroom, a lot of the focus gets put on academics. It's nice that you've had so much experience with that. I agree, I'm looking forward to being about to learn how to integrate the two more so in a classroom. I can't wait to hear more about this from you!

  • Introduction - Nicholas Flippen, Tue May 26 13:20
    Hello, my name is Nicholas Flippen. I'm a senior here at Appalachian State University. I am in the Accelerated Admissions (4+1) program. My undergraduate degree is in Special Education Adapted... more
    • reply - rognstadgr, Fri May 29 13:12
      Hi Nicholas! I am also a senior in Special Education Adaptive curriculum. It is great that you have so much experience. I look forward to hearing your perspective on issues that arise!
    • Reply - Erica Phelps, Tue May 26 19:40
      Nicholas, It seems like you have had a lot of experience working with ASD students. I agree that it is interesting to integrate academic and functional goals. It is amazing what these students know,... more
    • experience - Cynthia Trickel, Tue May 26 15:14
      Nicholas, It sounds like you have had some valuable experience in working with students with autism. I am impressed with the degree in adapted curriculum. I feel teachers have the most difficulty in... more
    • Re: Introduction - Chelsea King, Tue May 26 14:20
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