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Feedback for The Educators
Sat Jun 6, 2015 16:13

Wow! The first thing I notice about your lesson plan is it would be perfect to hand to a substitute teacher and the substitute would be able to follow step by step directions to implement the lesson how you intended. That's a great feature! Even though you use some strategies that the students have been working with before, I think the sub would be able to follow along and the students could even help him/her out by telling what they are used to. This could facilitate some great interaction! I also thought that your plan was appropriate for the ages and characteristics you listed for the students. A small group including those upper-elementary/middle school ages would function smoothly with such structure and manipulatives. I love it! One thing I would ask you guys is if you are working on emergent literacy skills or a stage after that? Are the students already able to decode and write those sentences? If so, this lesson might work best for students past the emergent literacy stage.

  • The Educators Emergent Literacy Lesson Plan - Cynthia Trickel, Sat Jun 6 11:05
    Group Members: Liz Brawley, Nicole Cornacchio, Jean Milton and Cynthia Trickel. Here is a link to our lesson plan:
    • Reply: Lesson Plan - K. Madison Broome, Sun Jun 7 21:16
      I really enjoyed reading through all the details of your lesson plan! You guys really thought it out well, including several students and detailed dialogue of the actual lesson. I appreciated your... more
    • Reply-Lesson Plan - Rebecca McVey, Sat Jun 6 22:57
      I love so many aspects of your lesson plan. Every student is thoroughly described allowing a substitute to know exactly what to expect. I will say that some terminology may be hard to understand for... more
    • Feedback for The Educators - miloshcl, Sat Jun 6 16:13
    • RE: The Educators Emergent Literacy Lesson Plan - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 6 15:19
      You guys have a fantastic lesson plan! It's both creative and very detailed. I really appreciated the time you took to add detail and describe several different students and the setting. The steps to ... more
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