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Hayden Porter
Reply to "Explicit Instruction & Scaffolding"
Sat Jun 6, 2015 16:26

Wow, what an interesting point. I'm glad you brought it up; I wouldn't have thought of it. I know that scaffolding is important, in that we teach students with the anticipation that one day, they will be able to preform the task/skill independently. However, explicit and systematic instruction can important as well. I didn't get to read that article in my group, but I think you brought up an interesting point to consider.

  • Explicit Instruction & Scaffolding - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 6 00:12
    I read the Breit-Smith, Justice article on emergent literacy skills. When the reading discussed the benefits of explicit and systematic instruction, it defined explicit instruction as direct and... more
    • Reply to "Explicit Instruction & Scaffolding" - Hayden Porter, Sat Jun 6 16:26
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