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Britt Hatcher
Please Note
Sat Jun 6, 2015 16:40

Please note that this lesson plan is for the entire class not just for the individual ASD student

  • CCCTI Cohort - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 6 12:16
    Sarah Baier, Britt Hatcher, Angie Helton, Amy Hildebran. Here is the link to our Lesson Plan.... more
    • CCCTI Cohort Lesson feedback - andersenal, Sat Jun 6 19:49
      Glow: I think that the book and focus was well-suited for the students with ASD. You mentioned how neither of them had many friends so I loved that the focus of the lesson was about why friendship is ... more
    • Please Note - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 6 16:40
    • Feedback for CCCTI Cohort Lesson Plan - brigmanhd, Sat Jun 6 15:33
      Glow: First off, there were many great things about your lesson. I really liked that you gave detailed background knowledge about individuals with ASD in addition to specific characteristics of the... more
    • Re: CCCTI Cohort - lavertyse, Sat Jun 6 15:13
      Give a Glow: There were a few things I liked about your lesson plan. I liked how you wanted to lesson to focus on teaching idioms. We learned that idioms are hard for students with ASD to understand, ... more
    • Feedback for CCCTI Lesson Plan - Jordan Seagraves, Sat Jun 6 13:28
      Give a Glow: I really think you did a nice job thinking through some of the comprehension questions. Some of the questions are very simple and straight forward comprehension and others require making ... more
      • Try Again - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 6 13:32
        Hi, Look to see if it is there now. It is in the first sentence.
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