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Details behind the Camera
Sat Jun 6, 2015 17:14

I thought using the camera was a great idea. It also gave the student an opportunity to show the class what he thought was most important or interesting during the field trip. Students with ASD often see more specific details. This could give a different perspective on the trip. I also agree that it allows the student to be a part of the conversation if they are not comfortable or able to discuss it. Having the student use the camera is an awesome way to get the student involved. The camera also allows for another source of media to be incorporated into the classroom. It is a fun way to bring technology to use.

  • Camera Example - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 6 16:10
    I also read that article and really liked that example! I thought it was a great way to keep the child involved in the activity, especially, like you said, if they're not comfortable discussing it.... more
    • Details behind the Camera - coxdm, Sat Jun 6 17:14
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