Re: Introduction
Tue May 26, 2015 14:26

Sonya, senior year is so exciting and it goes by crazy fast, so enjoy every moment especially that of your student teaching placement! My placement happened to be in a classroom for children with Autism, so I completely understand where you come from when you talk about how they each respond to different situations in different manners. I loved interacting with my students, and you are right in saying how amazing it is to see how they communicate and how they comprehend various aspects of life. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences and how they have shaped your way of thinking!

  • Sonya Summey Introduction - summeysl, Tue May 26 13:45
    Hello! My name is Sonya Summey and I am a senior Special Education major. I am in the accelerated admission 4+1 program getting my Master's in reading. My experience with people who have autism have... more
    • So excited to be in class with you! - luckadooso, Wed May 27 17:14
      Hi Sonya! I didn't know that you were taking this class! I am excited to learn with you. Your practicum experience sounds like it taught you a lot. It sounds like you have had varied experiences with ... more
    • Re: Introduction - Chelsea King, Tue May 26 14:26
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