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Supa Squad Lesson Feedback
Sat Jun 6, 2015 17:53

I love the specific description of the classroom setting. I think that it was a great idea to have an area set up for the students to go if they need a break. This is comforting to students to know that they have a safe place to get away to. Each step of the lesson was very detailed and told the benefits of the steps. I loved how the lesson was one on one with the teacher and student because it allowed the student to have the attention needed in order to stay focused. This lesson is perfect because it encourages the student interacting with their story in multiple ways. I think the student will definitely benefit from telling the story first, then writing, then finishing out the lesson with coral reading it with the teacher. I thought it was great that you mentioned asking for the studentís feedback. This is a good habit to get into because we are always looking at ways we can modify and improve our teaching.

  • "Supa Squad" Lesson Plan - hinesjd, Sat Jun 6 15:25
    "Supa Squad" Lesson Plan Group Members: Rachel Caldwell, Jacob Hines, Allison Powers, Sonya Summey
    • Re: "Supa Squad" Lesson Plan - Karley Ingold, Sat Jun 6 23:08
      I also really liked having a visual aid for the setting of the classroom. It looked like you put a lot of thought and effort into making it and the layout seems like a good environment for your... more
    • Supa Squad Lesson Plan Feedback - parsonkl, Sat Jun 6 19:10
      First off, I wanted to note that the setting of the classroom is very inviting. It seems like a very appropriate setting. If I were a second grader in this classroom, the beanbag area would probably... more
    • Supa Squad Lesson Feedback - coxdm, Sat Jun 6 17:53
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