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Reply to Elementary ed. Group plan
Sat Jun 6, 2015 19:01

I really liked your ASD student characteristics section. The description really shows good use of behavior examples like speech, and let's the substitute know that when he seems to act defiant, it must be addressed. Thank you for directing the substitute to include Blake in activities even when his classmates avoid him. I appreciate that you placed him in a general education classroom. Also great use of the students interest in reptiles. I think Blake will respond well with the attention to detail.

The fact that students are seated mixed in all levels is great use of peer support. The question I have is are any of you experienced teachers? This lesson plan is really well organized.

  • Elementary Ed Lesson Plan - McKenzi Davis, Thu Jun 4 09:42 Sarah Luckado, McKenzi Davis, Kelsie Fender, and Kelly MacDonald.
    • Reply to Elementary ed. Group plan - Navila Castro, Sat Jun 6 19:01
    • RE:Elementary Ed Lesson Plan - tatem1, Sat Jun 6 00:55
      Wow, you all did great! If I were a substitute in this classroom, I would know exactly what to do; there wouldn't be any confusion or guessing. I love how you all added a picture of the room's... more
    • Re: Elementary Ed Lesson Plan - bennettmc, Thu Jun 4 19:45
      Sarah, McKenzi, Kelsie, and Kelly, First of all, I think y'all did an awesome job. The lesson plan was so detailed, I feel like I could take this and easily apply it if I were a teacher. Here are two ... more
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