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Sarah Baier
Re: New Lesson Plan link
Sat Jun 6, 2015 19:36

I liked the layout of your lesson plan a lot! I liked that you had waiting time instruction because that is important when asking a student a question. I liked the amount of modeling being used and I liked the postive feedback.

I wanted to get a feel out of your classroom environment and was kind of disappointed that it wasn't on there. Your lesson seemed interesting but left some more to be desired. What would you be doing with your other students during the time you are working with Myra?

  • New Lesson Plan link - Stacy Huffman, Sat Jun 6 15:11
    • RE: The Specialist Lesson Plan - hildebranak, Sat Jun 6 22:01
      I think this is a great plan for your student. It looks like you may be a teacher and you know what should be on and how a lesson plan should look. I think you are doing a great job showing what... more
    • Re: New Lesson Plan link - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 6 21:54
      I really liked this. The layout was great and you all did a great job explaining Myra and how to work with her. If I were a substitute teacher and I read that I would have a great idea of what works... more
    • Re: New Lesson Plan link - Sarah Baier, Sat Jun 6 19:36
    • Modeling - Angie Helton, Sat Jun 6 16:13
      I think the lesson plan has some good characteristics and is simply done. Modeling from the teacher will definitely benefit Myra because of the guidance. I like that Myra is only working on beginning ... more
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