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Lauren Livingston
RE: gradual incentive
Sat Jun 6, 2015 19:50

I enjoyed reading your views on incentives. I personally do not like incentives and have not seen success when using incentives. The few times I used incentives I found that students obsessed over their reward instead of what I was asking them to do. I feel like as a teacher I offer many fun events and parties to reward my students for their hard work. I want to teach my student intrinsic motivation instead of extrinsic motivation. I want my students to feel proud of their work through encouragement and praise instead of toys or candy.

  • Gradual Incentive - whitemb2, Thu Jun 4 22:45
    I believe incentives are very important! I won't lie, as an adult I love incentives! Of course I am not receiving toys or awards, but I receive compliments for doing my job which makes me feel happy. ... more
    • RE: gradual incentive - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 6 19:50
    • RE: Gradual Incentive - K. Madison Broome, Fri Jun 5 21:49
      I totally agree! I think that rewards and incentives can always be present they might just change their form. For example, a good reward for me would not be a toy but maybe praise or something like a ... more
    • reply to whitemb: gradual incentive - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 5 10:54
      I agree with your point in saying that there is always an "incentive" for doing anything, but the perspective on the incentive and types of incentives changes over time. I liked how you mentioned... more
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