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Kelsie Fender
Comments on Class of 2015 Emergent Literacy Plan
Sat Jun 6, 2015 20:36

This was a phenomenal lesson plan! I think all aspects of the lesson were clear and concise even down to the amount of time to give students to answer each question. I love the car method because it is very intuitive for both the teacher and the students. I also think that choosing the story based on the interest of the ASD student but presenting it to the entire class is brilliant. I personally feel like ASD students are typically seen as the "stragglers" in the classroom that teachers are just trying to keep on task but not really putting for the effort to engage their interest. Possibly by catering to them slightly more, they can stay at a similar interest level with the other students in the class. Although everything is very clear and I truly believe it would work out as planned, I had one question looking at it as if I were the substitute. When asking the students questions and waiting for them to respond, if there is a specific few students that continuously answer, should there be a system put in place to encourage other students to answer or are you looking for mass answers so any given student won't feel inadequate if they don't really know how to respond?

  • Class of 2015 Emergent Literacy Plan - lavertyse, Wed Jun 3 19:51
    The following link is available for view for anyone at Appalachian State.
    • Comments on Class of 2015 Emergent Literacy Plan - Kelsie Fender, Sat Jun 6 20:36
    • response to Emergent Literacy Plan - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 6 07:53
      Hey! This was a very well laid out lesson plan that was created and could be used within any classroom. I like this lesson plan because the student with ASD is included and engaged within the... more
    • Lesson plan feedback - luckadooso, Fri Jun 5 07:37
      Wow! Your lesson plan was very comprehensive and easy to follow for someone just coming into your classroom. It is helpful that you mention that a TA will be in the room to help as well, relieving... more
    • Class of 2015 lesson plan feedback - macdonaldke, Thu Jun 4 19:48
      Wow, your lesson plan was really comprehensive and I feel it would beneficial to the student you have described the the ASD characteristics. Some strong points were the book you chose, I love Eric... more
    • I really liked this lesson plan and thought that it was a great way to address what we learned about Emergent Literacy in this week's module. I like how the text addresses the student's interests. I... more
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