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Rebecca McVey
Reply to Karley-Gender
Sat Jun 6, 2015 20:53

It's interesting that you noticed this dis-proportionality, because it has been proven that males are diagnosed at a higher rate. I believe that for every four males, one female is diagnosed, but this is based off of memory. In regards to literacy instruction, I think that an important question, and one I think you hinted at, is: Are there differences in literacy instruction between girls and boys with autism? Every child with Autism is so different however, if we are tailoring instruction, there may not need to be further thought into gender.

  • Re: Module #2: Emergent Literacy in ASD - Karley Ingold, Sat Jun 6 10:20
    I noticed in the study that I read and also in some of the videos that the studies leaned more towards male participants with one study being all male. This led me to have a few questions related to... more
    • Reply to Karley-Gender - Rebecca McVey, Sat Jun 6 20:53
    • Reply to Karley Ingold - Hayden Porter, Sat Jun 6 15:58
      Karley, I think you bring up a really interesting point. You asked some great questions about the correlation between gender and autism. I think a question that a lot of researchers are asking is... more
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