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Allison Powers
Lesson Plan Feedback for ASU Seniors
Sat Jun 6, 2015 21:54

Wow! You guys did such a great job! I thought the way you described your student was impressive. I appreciated that you talked about his strengths first, but also addressed his major areas of need. You were very descriptive and painted a good picture of the student.You're lesson was very detailed and well thought through. I liked that you included an example of what the main material would look like as well as a way to record data and track progress. Truthfully, that's something I easily forget about when thinking about lesson plans. I think you covered everything!

  • ASU Seniors Lesson Plan - ASU Seniors, Sat Jun 6 15:07
    Group Members: Nicholas Flippen, Cassidy Milosh, Rebecca McVey, Madison Broome, and Brittany Vallas... more
    • Lesson Plan Feedback for ASU Seniors - Allison Powers, Sat Jun 6 21:54
    • Feedback - Sonya Summey, Sat Jun 6 21:08
      I know that this is a theoretical student, but I love him already. The situation was very realistic and it is a very common aspect of ASD for the student not to be able to connect with the characters ... more
    • ASU Seniors Lesson Review - Rachel Caldwell, Sat Jun 6 20:55
      Like Jacob said, I enjoyed your lesson plan and how it implies to both school and life. I am glad you took the information we learned last week and tied it into a great and easy to follow lesson.... more
    • Re: ASU Seniors Lesson Plan - hinesjd, Sat Jun 6 18:38
      I love yall's lesson plan; it is very easy to understand and very practical for the classroom. I really like how it is design to help John makes strides that will impact both in and out of school... more
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