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Ali Carr
reply to Allison
Sat Jun 6, 2015 23:46

Writing is crucial and learning how to make it meaningful to students is key when teaching them. I think that especially for students with ASD if we allow them to write about something that interests them then writing will become more meaningful and engaging for them.

  • Making It Meaningful - Allison Powers, Sat Jun 6 22:12
    I agree that making writing meaningful to our students is absolutely crucial. When my group was working on our lesson plan trying to think of a way to make letters, words, and ultimately sentences... more
    • reply to Allison - Ali Carr, Sat Jun 6 23:46
    • Reply to Allison - Hunter Hastings, Sat Jun 6 22:18
      I totally agree with this. If we don't make learning meaningful, our students 1. won't remember what we have taught them, and 2. they won't value their learning as much. I think that we not only need ... more
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