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choice and selection
Sun Jun 7, 2015 13:05

I think one way to make reading real text more appealing is to have a wide variety available for students to freely choose from. Also, reading aloud to students always creates interest. Every student wants to read the books that have been read. A book recommendations board or book basket can help too. IT motivates kids to read more books so they can recommend more, but it also can motivate students to read texts they might otherwise not have picked out on their own.

  • RE: technology vs. real book - Kelsie Fender , Sat Jun 6 13:49
    I completely agree about it being a balancing act because children are generally more excited to engage with technology. Personally, I would much rather physically hold a book when I'm reading, but I ... more
    • choice and selection - catheyt, Sun Jun 7 13:05
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