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reply Lower Elementary
Sun Jun 7, 2015 17:00

I really enjoyed your lesson plan. I like how in depth you went with the students strengths and weaknesses. It was very clear what the goal of the lesson was and what you wanted the student to achieve. One thing I would do next time would be to add the state standard that the lesson is meeting. Other than that I feel your lesson plan was very realistic for the students abilities and needs. Great Job!

  • Emergent Literacy Lesson Plan - Lower Elementary , Fri Jun 5 20:18
    Erica Phelps, Tavia Cathey, Mary Chandler Armistead, Marcela Buezo, Navila Castro
    • reply Lower Elementary - rognstadgr, Sun Jun 7 17:00
    • Re: name mistake - bennettmc, Sat Jun 6 22:42
      Sorry Navila, I confused you by putting my maiden name, but it should say "Mary Bennett" not "Armistead"
    • RE: Lower Elementary Lesson Plan - hillaryyarbrough, Sat Jun 6 11:16
      I love this lesson plan. I really liked all the details that you guys added about your classroom, student, and plan itself. The plan was very easy to follow if I were the substitute. I really liked... more
      • Re: Hillaryyarbrough - bennettmc, Sat Jun 6 22:31
        Thanks Hillary! We thought it was a good book choice as well, the rhymes in the book are fun for kids!
    • Lower Elem. Lesson - Amanda Wallace, Fri Jun 5 21:01
      It looks like you put a lot of thought into this lesson. I really appreciate all the detail in the setting, including the area for which the students come from, and all the specific detail about the... more
      • Re: Lower Elem. Lesson - Megan Rembert, Sun Jun 7 13:28
        im sorry I couldn't access your plan. It made me request access and I never got it. I'm sure it was great!
      • be more explicit - catheyt, Sat Jun 6 14:13
        Thats a great point: we should be explicit about what to say. Thanks for the feedback!
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