Reply to Kelsie from Haley
Tue May 26, 2015 15:49

Kelsie, I have had the same experience (Special Olympics and babysitting), both were amazing and I throughly enjoyed the time I spent with the individuals with ASD! Like you, I am so excited to learn about teaching students with ASD. Especially reading and writing; I think we will find this information beneficial and useful in the classroom. Good luck with your senior year!

  • Introduction - Kelsie Fender, Tue May 26 13:00
    Hello! My name is Kelsie Fender. I am a senior at App State studying elementary education. I have worked in two elementary schools in Watauga and Ashe County for internships in the elementary... more
    • Kelsie reply - hinesjd, Wed May 27 18:53
      I love the Special Olympics. I have volunteered for several years now. I am excited to learn with you this month!
    • Excited to learn from you - luckadooso, Wed May 27 17:40
      Hi Kelsie, I am excited to work with you in this class in a small group. Your internships sound like they have taught you quite a bit, and the experience with Special Olympics sounds very rewarding... more
    • Reply to Kelsie from Haley - brigmanhd, Tue May 26 15:49
    • Introduction - Kelsie Fender, Tue May 26 13:06
      I failed to mention that I am part of the 4+1 program working toward a master's in reading!
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