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Re: hildebranak
Wed Jun 10, 2015 08:53

I agree with you, it is effective, especially effective for students who have ASD. I would say that students learn from both the ways you mentioned. That is, the other student is able to act as an interpreter and students with ASD are able to see the behaviors modeled and learn that way. I am working at a camp right now and there is a girl here who has ASD and she told me that the way in which she learns how to act socially is by watching and mimicking people her age. I was impressed with her.

  • RE: bennettmc age - hildebranak, Wed Jun 10 07:52
    I think pairing students together is a great idea. I know I have learned a lot that I didn't understand better being paired with another student who was able to explain things in terms that were... more
    • Re: hildebranak - bennettmc, Wed Jun 10 08:53
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