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Cynthia Trickel
language comprehension
Wed Jun 10, 2015 15:27

I agree with your statements. I guess I have not really thought of it in the ways the article broke it down. It really helped my comprehension about the importance of each and how to determine instruction.

  • Which is most important? - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 10 12:13
    I think it was great that the lecture broke down which part of the students learning should be worked on. The obvious is whichever one they struggle the most in. Is it word Identification, language... more
    • Re: Which is most important? - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat Jun 13 13:33
      I loved this weeks lectures and was really glad that this point was made. I had the same questions as you and I feel now they are answered about which one was the most important to focus on!
    • Reply to Which is Most Important? - Maggie Horne, Thu Jun 11 23:34
      Jordan, that was something I also found extremely interesting. After those components were broken down for me, I found them all equally important. I realize now that you are right, language... more
    • Re: Which is Most Important? - hillaryyarbrough, Thu Jun 11 16:51
      I found this interesting as well. I was never aware of language comprehension with students who have ASD. As you said, I would have worked on one area at a time, forgetting to address language... more
    • Aha moments - miloshcl, Thu Jun 11 09:51
      That's great that you gained so much from the three lectures, Jordan! I had never heard of the Silent Reading Comprehension model either and seeing it in a whole-to-part model helped me understand... more
      • Reply - K. Madison Broome, Fri Jun 12 21:45
        I think that it is the most important because if someone is reading something and they don't understand it what is the point of reading it?? Comprehension is the point of reading and should... more
    • language comprehension - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 10 15:27
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