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Re: Reciprocal Questioning/Peer Work
Wed Jun 10, 2015 16:25

Haley, I think that is important for us to pull out of this article. We need to always be monitoring students and their progress to see where information is missing or where we might need to fill in the blanks. We are not perfect, as teachers. We need to do our best as to not let any students fall through the cracks. This is important with our typically developing students but even more so with our students with special needs, including ASD. We can't assume that they will show progress in the same ways or even be able to assess them in the same ways. This means we have to be careful and may need to make modifications to our monitoring so that we know we are making this progress with all of our students.

  • Reciprocal Questioning/Peer Work - brigmanhd, Wed Jun 10 15:23
    This week, I read the case study about reciprocal questioning and working with peers. The study was set up in a way that each student had supports readily available if needed. Some of these supports... more
    • Reply to Reciprocal Questioning/Peer Work - Maggie Horne, Thu Jun 11 18:35
      Haley, I agree! At first this article seemed a little long and daunting, but I really enjoyed it! I loved this strategy and all of the skills it targeted. I used something similar to this strategy in ... more
    • reply to brigmanhd - rognstadgr, Wed Jun 10 16:46
      I really liked this strategy as well. One thing that popped out to me was that these supports are simple and cost-effective. I know this should not be the goal, however, it is always a plus when the... more
      • simple and cost effective - catheyt, Thu Jun 11 16:30
        I think simplicity is often best when teaching. The goal of our instruction and intervention is to give our struggling students tools they can then apply on their own independently. So using things... more
    • Re: Reciprocal Questioning/Peer Work - lavertyse, Wed Jun 10 16:25
    • question words - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 10 15:31
      The supports you mention, visual cues, checklist and question words are great with working with a student with ASD. I was especially interested in the question words, as I have not seen that strategy ... more
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