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Hunter Hastings
Re: bennettmc
Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:07

You hit a lot of great key points that teachers need to know when teaching their students with ASD how to read. Students with ASD do typically have difficulty with language comprehension, therefore we as teachers need to be sure to incorporate comprehension questions in with reading instruction. By allowing students to read, while making connections, it makes reading instruction WAY more meaningful!

  • Module 3 Response- What I learned - bennettmc, Tue Jun 9 14:07
    I feel like I learned so much this week! There are many strengths of reading instructions for children with ASD. First, the idea of reading with a peer is a strength because it allows students to... more
    • Autism Specialists - miloshcl, Thu Jun 11 10:07
      Those are very relevant concerns you express. So much is still being learned about individuals with ASD and teaching individuals with ASD; the field is still young. Meeting with other professionals... more
      • re: autism specialist - Stacy Huffman, Fri Jun 12 09:53
        I would love to one day become an autism specialist. We currently have a behavior specialist at our school, but she has a lot of knowledge on working with students with autism- most of which has come ... more
      • specialists - catheyt, Thu Jun 11 16:33
        That's great! I haven't heard of any specialists in my county. Is this only for schools with a designated class for autistic students? My colleagues and I have always discussed (complained!) about... more
      • Re:Autism Specialists - Hunter Hastings, Thu Jun 11 10:49
        That is so interesting! I didn't know that schools were hiring Autism Specialists. I suppose since the number of kids being diagnosed with autism is increasing, there is definitely a need for it! As... more
    • Re: bennettmc - Hunter Hastings, Thu Jun 11 10:07
    • Inclusion and support - luckadooso, Wed Jun 10 16:52
      I have also heard from parents who are frustrated because they feel as though the system is not doing all that it can for their child. I think an important thing to remember here is that it takes the ... more
    • Re: bennettmc - hillaryyarbrough, Wed Jun 10 09:06
      I'm glad you brought up the point of advocacy and meetings about students with ASD. I also feel that teachers are overwhelmed by all of these new strategies being thrown at them for one student when... more
    • peer learning - Cynthia Trickel, Tue Jun 9 17:38
      In the past I have paired a middle school student with ASD with another student for reading. It was very interesting to watch them interact and I can say that both students benefited from this... more
      • Re: Peer Learning - brownrf, Thu Jun 11 12:18
        I think peer reading is a great activity. During my internship, I was in a self-contained classroom with students with autism, and they had buddy reading twice a week. They were partnered with... more
      • Re:peer learning - bennettmc, Tue Jun 9 20:27
        Cynthia, Was the student you paired with the middle school student who had ASD also the same age? I was just wondering what your experience had been and if it's more beneficial to pair students of... more
        • age - Cynthia Trickel, Tue Jun 9 23:27
          The students I paired together were in the same 8th grade classroom. I have not had experience pairing students of different ages, but that would be interesting to see how they interacted if one... more
          • Re: age - bennettmc, Wed Jun 10 00:38
            From the Whalon and Hanline reading I learned that researchers paired together students. These students were also the same age and it was very effective. Therefore, maybe the best method is to pair... more
            • Age and pairing - luckadooso, Wed Jun 10 16:48
              I agree with you that pairing by age is definitely effective, but I wouldn't overlook pairing younger and older students together as well. Teaching is one of the best ways to make sure that you are... more
              • Age/Skill Level and Pairing - Kelsie Fender, Fri Jun 12 21:36
                I like your take on how pairing and older and younger student could be beneficial because it could help for the older student to be the teacher. This also made me think of pairing by skill level. Any ... more
            • RE: bennettmc age - hildebranak, Wed Jun 10 07:52
              I think pairing students together is a great idea. I know I have learned a lot that I didn't understand better being paired with another student who was able to explain things in terms that were... more
              • Re: hildebranak - bennettmc, Wed Jun 10 08:53
                I agree with you, it is effective, especially effective for students who have ASD. I would say that students learn from both the ways you mentioned. That is, the other student is able to act as an... more
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