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Jordan Seagraves
RE: Structural Cues
Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:15

I also thought that this paragraph was interesting. It is in the common core now to teach students about different text features. I think this is so important to do, because when student do get into the 3rd or 4th grade and on up they have to be able to recognize different text features on their own and be able to learn by reading. In my student teaching experience in 2nd grade we worked on text features for the whole Spring semester. I think it is great for students to learn at a young age what to look for in expository texts.

  • Structural Cues - McKenzi Davis, Thu Jun 11 09:52
    In the reading that discussed science texts there was a lot mentioned about structural cues in texts, specifically expository texts. The article mentions that if there is little background knowledge... more
    • RE: Structural Cues - hildebranak, Thu Jun 11 14:47
      I agree with your assessment of Structural Cues. I also think it is important for the students to know and use signal words when trying to comprehend a text. These words will alert the students to... more
      • Structural Cues - McKenzi Davis, Fri Jun 12 09:50
        Exactly, I think that these words are great to show relationships and to regain focus of the students. I think that pointing out these words are especially important when students are reading about... more
    • RE: Structural Cues - Jordan Seagraves, Thu Jun 11 10:15
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