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RE: Reading Comprehension
Thu Jun 11, 2015 14:51

I think text features are important to emergent readers and most other readers for that matter. It gives them a springboard to use their imagination to set the scene of the text in their minds. And, if they have had an experience like the one described or seen on the page, they are better able to relate that to the text. Even if they haven't had the experience actually seeing it in pictures or tables helps to solidify it in their minds.

  • Re: Reading Comprehension - lavertyse, Thu Jun 11 13:21
    In my student teaching, we were specifically teaching text features to our students in hopes that it would help them connect to the text and be able to better comprehend what they are reading. We do... more
    • RE: Reading Comprehension - hildebranak, Thu Jun 11 14:51
      • Reply to Reading Comprehension: Amy - Maggie Horne, Thu Jun 11 22:54
        Amy, I did not think of it in this way. While thinking of teaching students with ASD about different text features, I thought it might be a little more difficult for them to comprehend. We can use... more
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