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Stacy Huffman
Re: structured schedules
Thu Jun 11, 2015 16:04

Jordan, the schedule is a visual support that the students use to help them transition throughout their day. This type of schedule is especially helpful for students who have difficulties with transitions. It literally spells out their day for them. Depending on the student it may be an object schedule with an object that represents what they do (i.e. fork for breakfast) or it may be a word or picture schedule. For example, one of my students has picture symbols on his desk that provide him with a visual of his day. The first one shows independent work, then breakfast, then bathroom, then group time and so on. This is just a tool to help him prepare for what is coming next and also allows for him to independently transition without me having to constantly tell him what we are doing next. I like to think of it as being similar to my calendar. I have appointments, deadlines, meetings, etc. on my calendar. I use this as a visual reminder of what I need to do and when.

  • Strutured schedule - Jordan Seagraves, Thu Jun 11 13:16
    I have never worked with a student with ASD before but I have seen teachers use schedules on students desks. I think is really neat that it gives the student choices of what they can do when they... more
    • Reply to Jordan - andersenal, Thu Jun 11 20:10
      The work system that my teacher used had choices like silent reading, computer time, go for a walk around the track (this was something that calmed him down). He could only concentrate for so long... more
    • Re: structured schedules - Stacy Huffman, Thu Jun 11 16:04
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