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Stacy Huffman
re: priming
Thu Jun 11, 2015 16:08

This topic also caught my attention. I have never really intentionally used this strategy, but have done something along these lines with my students. Now that I know that it is a strategy and how to really use it, I can definitely see the benefit in it. I think using priming will provide multiple benefits in that; it will allow them time to process what is coming. This will assist in helping them make connections to previous knowledge.

  • Priming - luckadooso, Wed Jun 10 17:35
    This week, the topic of priming also came to my attention. I had never really thought about how helpful it could be to prepare students beforehand to engage in the material that they would be... more
    • RE: Priming - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 13 13:42
      In my Practicum 1 placement this past semester, I had the opportunity to use priming with two students that had ASD. The classroom teacher was going to introduce and read them a story that had words... more
    • re: priming - Stacy Huffman, Thu Jun 11 16:08
    • Re: Priming - lavertyse, Thu Jun 11 13:26
      When I read about priming, I related it to what I had heard called 'front loading' of information. The way I had done this and seen it done is kind of building background knowledge and understanding... more
      • Pre-Lesson - Angie Helton, Fri Jun 12 14:31
        I would think of this as a pre-lesson from what I am understanding. I didn't read this article and would love to hear more about this. I am definitely going to download it for future reference. I... more
      • Priming - luckadooso, Thu Jun 11 20:13
        Thank you for this response! I think that front loading is an excellent way to make sure that students have a solid foundation on which to approach the learning targets!
    • Re: Priming - brownrf, Thu Jun 11 12:12
      I have seen some teachers use this priming method and I think it is very effective. It kind of rounds up the students' thoughts and ideas and gets them focused on the topic that is going to be... more
    • Re: Priming - Hunter Hastings, Thu Jun 11 09:52
      Yes! I think priming is something that is so important. It reminds me of an anticipatory set, or the "hook" of a lesson. So maybe "priming" can be introducing the subject, getting the students... more
    • Priming - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 10 21:50
      I think priming is an excellent way to prepare students for upcoming lessons. If you have a parent that is very involved you can also ask them to assist with this with doing things like reading a... more
      • Priming - McKenzi Davis, Thu Jun 11 09:23
        I like how you suggested getting an involved parent to help the student prepare by reading them a story about the content area maybe the night before it is presented. I think that is a good way to... more
        • Reply to Priming: McKenzi - Maggie Horne, Thu Jun 11 23:17
          McKenzi, I completely agree with Cynthia, I LOVE your idea about teaching across the curriculum to prime students. I believe teachers who are able to effectively execute this idea offer invaluable... more
        • across curriculum - Cynthia Trickel, Thu Jun 11 09:33
          That is a great point! I agree that teaching across the curriculum is a way to integrate subjects, expand knowledge of a topic, and a great way to use priming.
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