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Thu Jun 11, 2015 20:09

I agree, McKenzi! I really liked your idea of different partnering for different activities. I think it is just important to be explicit when teaching how to work in partners so that everyone is courteous and the conversation is mutual and not dominated by a single student.

  • Partnering Question - McKenzi Davis, Thu Jun 11 09:34
    I think that partnering is so important in the class because it encompasses many of the skills that Sarah described as literacy. I think that various partner groups should be formed based solely on... more
    • Partnering - luckadooso, Thu Jun 11 20:09
      • Partnering - McKenzi Davis, Fri Jun 12 09:45
        That is so true Sarah. The only way to make partnering successful in the classroom is by making sure that all students, despite their academic abilities, have equal opportunities for input during... more
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