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Thu Jun 11, 2015 20:13

Thank you for this response! I think that front loading is an excellent way to make sure that students have a solid foundation on which to approach the learning targets!

  • Re: Priming - lavertyse, Thu Jun 11 13:26
    When I read about priming, I related it to what I had heard called 'front loading' of information. The way I had done this and seen it done is kind of building background knowledge and understanding... more
    • Pre-Lesson - Angie Helton, Fri Jun 12 14:31
      I would think of this as a pre-lesson from what I am understanding. I didn't read this article and would love to hear more about this. I am definitely going to download it for future reference. I... more
    • Priming - luckadooso, Thu Jun 11 20:13
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