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Response to Student Teachers Lesson Plan
Thu Jun 11, 2015 20:27

Your lesson plan sounded like a lot of fun! I like how you began by connecting the poem (which they hadn't read yet) with something that they already were familiar with, which was their own experiences with snow. I also like how you included that students that live in a certain climate may not have much experience with snow, so showing them photos and videos would be a great way to provide visual support. Your CAR statements/questions were very strong and will help students to think about and interact with both the text in front of them as well as the connecting previous class conversation. I am interested by the partner reading aspect. I think that is an excellent strategy for the teacher to be able to help students in a more individualized way, but how are students paired? Are they paired on similar levels (high students with high and low with low) or opposite? If you are pairing on the same levels, then your high students may finish well before your students who are struggling with reading. It may be a good idea to have another enrichment activity for these students, or have them go along into the writing lesson (which was a great idea, by the way!). Overall, I loved the lesson and it sounds like a lot of fun. Just a side note, one thing we did in elementary school when discussing snow was to cover our desks with shaving cream and write our spelling words in the cream on the desk top. We loved it and it gave us a chance to interact with our material (they were snow based words) in something that looked a little like snow! It might just be something fun to think about and could be used with the tricky words in the poem. Thanks again, guys!

  • Student Teachers lesson plan - Megan Rembert, Wed Jun 10 14:18
    • I forgot to post about a way you all you could improve your lesson plan. Although I did like the idea of clapping, another student mentioned how clapping could startle children with ASD. I would say... more
    • Student Teachers Lesson Plan - Kelsie Fender, Fri Jun 12 22:15
      This plan is really great you guys! It is great to see such a strong foundation for the plan, as well as plans for future scaffolding. One of my favorite things when designing lesson plans is to find ... more
    • Student Teachers lesson feedback - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 12 14:08
      This is a really good lesson plan, I love Shel Silverstein! Your lesson plan was detailed, and I appreciated the schedule that your provided, which would be very helpful for a substitute teacher. A... more
    • Lesson - Mckenzi Davis, Fri Jun 12 11:12
      I really liked your lesson! I think that snow is a fun topic for kids. I think that snow is also a cool theme to teach across the curriculum with. One consideration to think of is when you were... more
    • Re: Feedback for Student Teachers Lesson Plan - bennettmc, Fri Jun 12 00:38
      Awesome lesson plan y'all! I loved the snowball poem, I feel it is very engaging for students. The starter questions and other questions throughout the reading are a really great idea. From my... more
    • Response to Student Teachers Lesson Plan - luckadooso, Thu Jun 11 20:27
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