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Angie Helton
Personal experience
Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:05

From what I understood, the unprompted questions will help the student relate the information in the book to a personal experience. I struggled with the same thing, wondering if it could be a distraction, and I'm still not positive. It sort of makes sense to me that it would help the students make a connection, though, because if they know they rubbed a soft cat yesterday, they can relate the soft feeling of the cat to the soft feeling of a bunny. (just an example) I'm open to any clarification to this as well, for my own understanding.

  • Prompted vs Unprompted - McKenzi Davis, Fri Jun 12 10:46
    I thought what you said about prompted vs unprompted questions was interesting. I have never thought about questions in the two various categories. In concern to the two types of questions:... more
    • Personal experience - Angie Helton, Fri Jun 12 11:05
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