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Stacy Huffman
Re: Class of 2015 lesson plan
Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:27

I really like the way the you gave a detailed description of the setting in the lesson plan. If I were a sub, I would have no question about how to set up for this lesson. I also like the fact that the checklist is included in the lesson plan. Again, this ensures that the teacher is prepared for the lesson. I like the idea of partnering the students. This is a nice strategy to use and one that students typically enjoy. By partnering the students it also serves to reinforce social skills which is an area of concern for many students with ASD. One thing I would consider is the level of the student and to look at the additional supports outlined in the lesson plan and to try and gain an understanding of what level of support the student(s) with ASD need prior to the lesson so that these supports can be provided during the activity rather than after. This will ensure that the student(s) are able to fully participate and help set them up to be successful. Just some food for thought. Great job overall!

  • Class of 2015 Lesson Plan - brigmanhd, Thu Jun 11 13:40
    • RE: Class of 2015 Lesson Plan - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 13 08:51
      Great lesson plan :) I like how you incorporated peer learning groups which allowed for communication and each student to help one another. I also liked how you provided a checklist for the students... more
    • Give a Glow - Sara Pappas, Sat Jun 13 00:00
      I forgot in my last post to give a grow. My only thing with your lesson plan would be to add the Course Standards so we, as teachers or substitutes, can get a better understanding of where you are... more
    • Response to Class of 2015 Lesson - whitemb2, Fri Jun 12 22:46
      I thought your lesson was nicely planned out and was in a format that anyone substitute or teacher could pick it up and be able to teach it. I believe that your checklist a great activity for the... more
    • Re: Class of 2015 Lesson Plan - Sara Pappas, Fri Jun 12 17:26
      I really enjoyed your lesson plan! I liked the way you used scaffolding in you the before, during and after sections. The teacher first did the assignment to model for the students and worked with... more
    • Re: Class of 2015 lesson plan - Stacy Huffman, Fri Jun 12 12:27
    • Response to Lesson Plan - carsleymm, Fri Jun 12 12:25
      Overall, I liked your lesson plan a lot. I think most students enjoy learning with a partner (with minimal "grownup" involvement) whenever possible. Students with ASD really benefit from this extra... more
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