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Reply to Nicholas
Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:29

Cassidy, I agree! It's so important to target many skills in one activity! Especially any chance social skills can be incorporated for students with ASD. I also enjoyed the scaffolding that took place during this video, it was interactive and the kids were engaged for the most part.

  • Great Strategy! - miloshcl, Fri Jun 12 12:04
    I love that lesson structure for several reasons. Ryan and Kristen get to scaffold each other and build off the other's predictions, as you say. They also are interacting and working on social skills ... more
    • Reply to Nicholas - brigmanhd, Fri Jun 12 12:29
      • social skills and literacy - koppenhaverd, Fri Jun 12 12:49
        And what better context to work on social skills than a literacy interaction with multiple participants. The day is too short and the needs to great to work on anything in isolation.
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